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Default 14, a pivotal age in shaping our musical tastes?

So it's been said that what you listen to at 14 shapes your musical interests for the rest of your life. As I look's probably mostly true for me. I turned 14 in the summer of 1981 and the albums that came out then, are still many that I choose to listen to today:

Don't Say No - Billy Squier
Allied Forces - Triumph
Get Lucky - Loverboy
Moving Pictures - Rush
Escape - Journey
Abacab - Genesis
Freeze Frame - J Geils Band
Paradise Theater - Styx
4 - Foreigner
Naure of the Beast - April Wine

This is to name but a few. Still love them all and find myself always gravitating towards this music...It just makes me happy. It's not to say that I don't listen to anything else or that my horizons haven't expanded but if I really want to hear some feel-good music, this is the music for me. It's also a lot of what I want to play when I'm sitting behind my drum kit.

So, I'm just curious....what were you listening to at 14 and do you feel that it turned out to be the music you still gravitate towards? Was it the major musical style influence on your life?
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