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Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
The death of Neil Armstrong makes me extremely sad. The American space program is dying a horrible death and our future generations will suffer for it. Losing men like Mr. Armstrong is such a tragedy. He is the type of role model that should be celebrated instead of criminal athletes and auto- tuned pop stars. RIP Mr. Armstrong.
I agree MaryO,

Our society has changed a lot since that day in July 1969. Many are not aware of who Neil Armstrong was, and could not even comprehend that a programmable calculator of today is a more powerful computing device than the on board computer they had that day in July 1969.

To show how much times have changed, satellites that NASA is putting into orbit are now using smart phones to control the satellites, which takes much more computing power than the calculations needed for a Moon landing.

This is a combination of advances in technology as well as a reduction in budget.

We live in a different world now where our electronics and communications have grown way beyond what was available back in 1969. The news available to the world in July 1969 was slow and limited. That is why many television news organizations, set up remote monitors in different parts of the world to show the world that the USA was the first to land a man on the Moon. And now, in 2012, one of the same news organizations could not even get the man’s name right. Unbelievable!

NBC news wrote Neil Young the first man to land on the moon dies at 82 years old. Either this was a joke or a typo, either one is hard to believe.

Of course, there isn’t enough money now to put together a Moon project of the proportions that the USA had in the 1960’s. Even during the Moon landing of July 1969, NASA’s budget was being cut from the original proposed Moon landings and was shrunken to only a few. However, after the Apollo 13 flight they did add a few more because the public interest had grown, they said.
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