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Default Re: Help with signing to a label?

Originally Posted by JakkP View Post
My band and I have recently recorded a new EP and were considering sending it to labels.
My question is should we send it to labels? It was recorded in a professional studio so both the production and playing are perfect on it. Its very heavy blackened death metal. Weve heard that sending your demo to a label limits your say in the deal, so is it really worth it? Sending it in means the label actually hears it, whereas you could be waiting years for anyone in any label to hear it by chance. I know some bands get picked up by labels but the chances of that happening are very small. So is it a good idea to send your demo to the label, instead of waiting for them to just come across it online, or seeing the band play?
I say you should skip the "labels" process and send the EP out for mastering (which will tweak the EQ and overall volume so that the songs sound good on a variety of sound systems, from a mono iPhone speaker to a car stereo to a regular stereo), and then upload it to Bandcamp or CDBaby. Don't waste time shopping your songs around to labels, start selling them now and if people like them and you get a following then the labels will come to you. CDBaby / Tunecore can push the songs out to iTunes, Amazon, etc.. with full Soundscan reporting so your friends can buy the EP and you get 70% of the money instead of pennies on the dollar like with a label. If you can stand behind your recordings as being polished representations of your songs, then go for it!
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