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Default Re: Has anybody ever played a cocktail kit?

They do look cool. There are a few of us on the forum who have them. They have their limitations, but they are definitely head-turners at gigs. I've got a Trixon, and have owned a Steve Jordan one as well, which I sold like an idiot. I haven't gigged with mine in over a year, and it's not really worth the money for me to sell it, so it sits in a corner of my basement and I play with it every few months. It's a cooler looking corner of the basement than it was before the kit got stuck there.

Originally Posted by ipodpron View Post
I've never played one, but definitely looking into buying one!
Just looking at the GP Percussion and Trixon ones on Ebay...has anyone tried one of these cheaper models? Any review? I'm dying to buy one and willing to try it out if those are any good.

I will indeed toot my own horn here and say that this is probably one of the better, cleaner audio recordings of the Trixon kit (I couldn't find anything very well done before I bought mine) I haven't heard the GP kits... DMC has some videos of his up as well. I can't remember the brand he has. He should chime in here shortly.

This dude rocks his cocktail kit out hardcore!!
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