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Default Re: Your Thoughts On Billy Cobham?

Originally Posted by jbc6
Hey, it's just my opinion, but I like B.C. the best. I threw something on another board, and some folks said that he's a sloppy drummer. That surprised me. I'm no musician, but I always thought that he played cleanly and accurately.

Here's the site:

Here's one of the quotes if you don't want to go there:

"He is a good drummer. However he'll never be one of the greats. There's a simple reason for this.

He ALWAYS is catching rims or his sticks. Even on studio recordings there's clicks and clacks all over.

If you can't play clean, then you shouldn't be trying to play so fast. There's a slew of drummers who play with as much speed, power and creativity who never catch a rim. Let alone multiple times in a given song, on record."

I'm not sure what to think!
Musiciansforums is probably the dumbest drum site on the web. They live in another reality and are real cocky about it. Recently, I stupidly tried to explain to one guy how ridiculous he was for his slams on some incredible drummers. He had a Hitler avatar and kept tryin' to say insane stuff that he didn't really understand. Like an idiot I kept tryin' to explain my positions and he'd say somethin' like "shut up" or "you're stupid." Then some of his buddies would show up later and say stuff like "yeah, what he said." Even one of the mods started to get into it, talking just as bad, if not worse.

Finally, I just said that "talkin' to them was like trying to teach pigs how to sing. It only frustrates me and irritates the pigs." They didn't get it.

Cobham is one of the cleanest players out there, and IMO has gotten even better since he moved to Europe. Theres a video that plays alot on French TV of him and Louie Bellson in a concert about 15 years ago. It's really great.
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