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we were on the way home from a summer visit to DC when the news in the middle of the night on the car radio said that we had landed. i want to say it was 2:09am i felt very proud and excited.

a few days earlier my older cousin (who's family we had gone to visit) and who was very into space stuff (Lost In Space, Star Trek) told me that his boys (the astronauts) were about to land on the moon.

he also gave me some photos of the moon, as he had an extra set. they could be bought at stores in the big city of DC.. they were really cool, because they came in a little cellophane w/ folded cardboard tag at top and looked exactly like Kodak photos of the day, with date printed on the side and everything. it was almost like i had taken them on vacation. i was a big hit when i showed them at Show And Tell.

we also watched the moon landing at school. not live, on videotape. it was on a big open reel video tape player that was wheeled in on the A/V cart. for those who don't remember, the tape machine was about the size of a computer tower sat on it's side.

the next summer, i acquired a framed portrait of the astronauts at Williamsburg, where we went for my sister's birthday. everyone used to comment how Buzz Aldrin looked like Tommy Smothers.
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