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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi, I am Shaibalik. And i am from New Delhi, India. Just joined the forum.

Pretty much new to this world and getting acquainted.

Well, my purpose of joining this forum would to learn more and be educated about drums. Also wanted to seek some advice. I am pretty much getting my first kit here. And i wanted some opinions. What i have thought of is buying -

Peace DP-210 Adonis :-
Bass Drum - 16x22
Floor Tom - 16x16
Tom Tom - 9x12
Tom Tom - 8x10
Snare - 5.5x14

I also will be needing a good double bass pedal and a good set of cymbal. As far as cymbals is concerned i have thought of opting for the Meinl MCS set of 2(14" Hi Hat + 16" Crash).

Will need some good suggestions and opinions will be much appreciated! TIA

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