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Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
The death of Neil Armstrong makes me extremely sad. The American space program is dying a horrible death and our future generations will suffer for it. Losing men like Mr. Armstrong is such a tragedy. He is the type of role model that should be celebrated instead of criminal athletes and auto- tuned pop stars. RIP Mr. Armstrong.
America is losing it's identity.We are losing the ability to dream big,and actually make those dreams come true.We need to challenge ourselves way more than we do.

Continuing education should be free,or at least financially feasible.Student loans shouldn't be a growing business,that burdens graduates,with sky high loan payments for years.That in and of itself creates tremendous disincentive to continue your education.Lets not even talk about the lack of jobs with decent wages and benefits. .

Our schools should be palaces,and teachers should be well paid,and the smartest ,most dedicated ones in the room.The system needs an overhall.

And if anyone want to burn my books,the'll have to take my life as well.

Steve B
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