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Originally Posted by donv View Post
Wow! What can you say.

Other then this anyway. I saw years ago what I think was his first video. VHS tape. Back then he discussed holding the stick in his left hand at the end of the stick, and I see now that he has changed his grip back towards the middle of the stick. Has he ever discussed he reasons for the change? On the tape he said he was too powerful for the grip he now uses. I haven't read everything here if I've missed it already discussed.
Yeah, he explains on his 'natural evolution' svd (think that's the name). He used hisnold.grip to get a solid, loud snare backbeat but, it just didn't make sense anymore when he refined his technique and started using the rebound, holding the sticks st the fulcrum and making the stick do the work.
He goes on to say how when he first tries this method he almost laughed, he couldn't believe it made playing and getting around the kit so much easier.
Also, along with his new technique he redesigned his signature sticks to compliment his new technique.
It's a great dvd, there's an excellent studio vid of him playing tempa de festival.

I find his playing really tastefull and cintellectual' if that's the right word. He has his sound nailed too. What a true sound. I've actually bought a few of his signature cymbals and they really do sound like how they sound for him (just with an idiot hitting them instead).
Says alot about just how natural his sound is and how good that sound is.

I've also seen alot of Weckl slating on these forums and I honestly can't get my head around it...
I'd kill to have his phrasing.
I like my drum sound fat and simple. Just like me.
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