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Default Re: Rest Easy Neil Armstrong

Neil has moved on and we are the ones who lose. You cannot destroy energy, you can only transform it. That's a fact of the physical world, I'm not just making that up. Nature is too conservative to let rest a soul like Neil's. I don't believe that he's resting anywhere, his journey just started a new chapter. He is a positive force in the universe. I liked that he did a lot and was modest about it. A man of class and distinction. He knew his stuff too. Even though he is not physically here anymore, he can influence people well after his time, and that is a great thing for people.

The story behind the Apollo 11 moon landing is just incredible. Missing the original landing site because of computer overload and crash, (they did this mission with the computing power of a pocket calculator basically speaking) flying by his own wits and landing the craft, don't forget he's on the friggin moon for Pete's sake, with only 11 seconds (or close to it) of fuel remaining. I mean literally land the craft or die. Buzz was like, "land the craft Neil, land the craft..." Neil kept his cool right up to the end and pulled it off. When he stepped out onto the moon for the first time and uttered those famous words, you had no idea this guy literally just cheated death. You got the impression that everything went as planned, which it definitely did not. Incredible composure, legendary. Then there was the incident where someone accidentally broke off the push in handle, that closes the circuit breaker, to blast off outta there. They had to do an "on the fly" workaround using a Bic pen cap to hold the damn thing shut so the electrical would engage. Unbelievable. Then there was the report of the strange greenish illuminated orb observing them from a few hundred miles out, for quite some time....Just incredible stuff, legendary. Modern day Christopher Columbus/Magellan/Lewis and Clark type guy.
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