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Default Re: Favourite Guitar Player.

Very hard to pick my favourites... Some I'd like to mention and I've borrowed ideas from (have been playing the el. guitar for 22 yrs now, ac. guitar for 4 yrs):

(Electric guitar)
Marty Friedman / Jason Becker (similar style, both geniuses)
Greg Howe (very 'colourful' playing, mixing up various harmonic concepts and crazy tapping stuff)
Joe Satriani (not everything but he has TONE and can grab me with melodies, feeling & unbelievable phrasing)
Vinnie Moore (neo-classical style)
Yngwie Malmsteen (what a show-off but yes, the man has tone/phrasing!)
Nuno Bettencourt (with Extreme)
Michael Romeo (with Symphony X)
Victor Smolski (with Rage)

There are a few hyperspeed metal guitarists which are terrific _technically_ but not really worth mentioning _musically_ so... I won't mention them ;-)

(Acoustic guitar)
Andy McKee (my main influence/source of inspiration)
Antoine DuFour
Petteri Sariola
Jon Gomm (the craziest of all)
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