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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone, relatively new here, had an account for a while but dont use it too much, I do often scroll through forums about various items. I like to record stuff, and play drums. I have a bit of a set up in my house and record some stuff with my band. I can also play bass a bit, not very well though. I can play piano enough to write music, but I wish I was better at writing.

Real name? Nik
Age? 17
How long have you been playing? Almost 6 years
Origin of user name? A mixture of my first and last name
Your top 5 drummers? Thomas Lang, Dave Weckl, Mike Portnoy, Marco Minneman, Gavin Harrison.
Make of drumkit? Yamaha stage custom birch (I would like to get a tama birch/bubinga or Performance dw, love the sound of both)
Make of cymbal? Ufip, and some dodgy ones I am slowly replacing, (also think meinl make great sounds)
Where do you practice? At my house
Are you in a band? I am in one band at the moment, but a couple within school
Do you play covers or originals? Both, but more covers
What style of music? Metal, Blues, rock, jazz, latin
Favourite take out food? Pizza
What country do you live in? Australia
How did you start drumming? After playing Piano, cello and various instruments I had no interest in, my mum signed me up for drum lessons at my school and I loved it!
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