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Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
If you try to have an intellegent conversation with the average 18 year old in this country,you will come to the conclusion that an intellegent conversation is a contradiction in terms.I fear that the information age,has given way to the self absorbed,dumb as a turd,hightened sense of entitlment,give it to me now,entertain me with mindless worthless drivel age.Reality shows anyone? Mob Wives......really?
There's been an increasing distrust of science In the US. Same phenom is slowly growing over here. These kinds of movements often end in book burning ... hoping not this time.

As for youth, I wonder what incentive there is to foster education and contemplation when science and learning are constantly denigrated and mistrusted.

Meanwhile, competition to make a mark in the world via achievement is super hot; to teens it much look a whole lot easier to make your mark with great social skills, freakiness (good for ratings) and beauty (if not natural, then with tech help). Meanwhile introversion seems to be now considered a disorder, which kind of puts the kibosh on contemplation.

I think today's youth are responding rationally to their surroundings just like every other generation - after all, how much substance and reality is at Wall Street? The amount of money earned often doesn't bear any resemblance to contribution to society.

I take the George Carlin approach these days - bemused spectator. Can't do anything about it. Que sera sera. The news of Neil Armstrong's passing (82 was a good innings) brought back some memories ... in primary school, given time off classes to watch the landing on a small B&W television. Exciting times.
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