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Default Re: Bass drum pedal lubrication

Oh, and just for followup and completeness. The older pedals like mine have smaller bearings with a reduced OD (.6850", or 11/16"), and DW no longer stocks those bearings. They now carry only the 3/4"OD and 7/8"OD bearings for their current run of pedals, and they want more money for them than I was willing to pay.

Luckily, there is *zero* magic about these bearings- they are just standard industrial miniature shielded ball bearings. Mine were old enough that they didn't even have the edge numbers stamped on them. But a few minutes with the NMB Bearing catalog solved that problem, as well as crossreferencing back to the DW site for completeness.

So, here are the industrial equivalents for all of those bearings, including the old 11/16" bearing for anyone else who might run into this issue. Dimensions are IDXODxTHK.

DWSP213 = 3/8"x7/8"x9/32" = R6ZZ : this is the large bearing for both old and new.
DWSP010 = 6mmx19mmx6mm = 626ZZ : this is the new small (3/4") bearing.
Discontinued 1/4"x11/16"x1/4" = 1602ZZ : this is the old-style small bearing.

None of these should cost more than $1-2 each in small quantities, and you can get them much, much cheaper by doing some searching legwork. A quick search just now found them all at for under $2 each at , for example.

Your mileage may vary, and this information is just provided for the interested student- there's no warranty on this advice. But I hope this helps someone out on a search someday...
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