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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Jon e, post a photo and we'll tell you ...

I think Australia was the second country to give women the vote, which you wouldn't expect, given the culture here. For example, Aboriginals got the vote in 1967.

I find prejudice interesting - gender, colour and sexuality. The less powerful group is subjugated and, commonly, despised by the more powerful group.

I think the underlying idea behind prejudicial law is that suppressing expression and influence of "the weak" makes society stronger - and the idea probably had some logic before the information age.
If you try to have an intellegent conversation with the average 18 year old in this country,you will come to the conclusion that an intellegent conversation is a contradiction in terms.I fear that the information age,has given way to the self absorbed,dumb as a turd,hightened sense of entitlment,give it to me now,entertain me with mindless worthless drivel age.Reality shows anyone? Mob Wives......really?

Yes,I know it was a run on sentence Drumolator.:)

Steve B
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