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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

i like top 40 for what its worth. gets me on the dance floor and gets toes tapping. its catchy!

flor rida, swedish house mafia and david guetta are great but I know their place in the music hierarchy - low

listen to flo rida then listen to rush - La Villa Strangiato.... they both have a special role for different people. when i feel like partying and drinking with friends I will put on commercial house music and when I am chillin at home and want something fresh I will put on rush.

this music is popular because look at the kids of today - mindless drones who's nutritional guidance is mcdonalds and redbull. my cat usually has more to talk about that teens of these days. And its not just teens. mid 20s at the bars are just as emotionally numb as the teens. try talking to some boozed up 23 year old at the club who only listens to dead maus and niki minage all day long. she hears real drums and guitar and will want to 'like totally kill herself' haha

music award shows are not based on talent, its a popularity contest.

one thing for sure is dub step is the worst music - EVER. have you actually ever listened to it?!?
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