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Default Re: How can I make my TOM heads sound like Travis Barker's?

Originally Posted by ~tamadrummer~
why would you just want to copy someone elses tuning? i would try to find my own style...

i agree....wuts with teens these days copying travis barker down to the finest detail....find your own set up that you feel comfortable with, with your own tuning, own drum sizes its good to admire a drummer but going to the extreme to find bass heads with the same exact mic holes lined with the same metal is yourself....youll find if u surround yourself with good drumming it will rub off on you and you will become more innovative instead of trying to copy other drummers ideas all the time....its one thing to practice a drummers certain fill or song but to copy a drummer (especially as travis barker) down to their same exact bass head is a little too far....imo i think too many teens idolize travis barker and they can be getting better inspiration from greater drummers such as neil peart, buddy rich, steve gadd, bonham, ian paice, and keith moon.....imo travis barker isnt even half as much innovative/skilled as those drummers.....dont get me wrong barker is a great drummer and of course you can like his drumming but i think drumming study a drummers work like bonhams or gadd's will get you farther and faster as skill wise
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