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Default Re: Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

think I can make good use of these pics: On this thread, show us your Ludwigs, etc. I'm sort of not really a drummer, and very new to the two on the left concept, so I would appreciate any feedback: Especially I'm having trouble with the overlap between my hats and the 12" tom...what does everyone else do? Thanks in advance for any tips!

Anyway, here are my '76 Vistalites. One of the funnest [??] things about this kit is having drummers over and watching them scrunch up their faces at the bad tuning then having them spend an hour before they throw up their hands and declare them un-tunable...Uneven seams, horrible bearing edges that are sometimes offset, and general out of roundness seem to have not concerned Ludwig back in the day...

I received the kit with the 12" tom split open like a coconut. I did a bunch of research and started off by repairing that shell with acrylic glue. But the seams, bearing edges etc. on these vintage acrylics are HORRIBLE! so I'm working my way through the kit fixing things up, starting with the broken tom as a guinea pig. The seam are sort of flat, the bearing edges non-existant [still showing marks from the band saw] so I used some of the 'thick' acrylic glue to filet the seam to make it a smoother transition, sanded the flat bearing edges really flat, then put a 45* bearing edge on it with a router. Suddenly, the drum tunes! I just did the same thing with the 13" tom and as time permits I'm going to go through the entire kit. Maybe that will entice me to drag out the Vista snare which sounds like poop.....

This is a standard 12/13/16/22 kit with original snare. Nothing horribly special but a step up from my Gretch Blackhawks that I had purchased back in 1980 from the Sears bargain basement.
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