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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Sterling*
Age: 29
How long have you been playing: 6 months*
Origin of user name: it the name that was given to me by my elder when I reach 18 yrs old*
Your top 5 drummers:*Edward Szczepanski, Mike Cano, Steve Moore,Derek Roddy, Adam Denoth*
Make of drumkit: Ludwig Accent CS*
Make of cymbal: home made trash china from a coda HH, very thin trash splash unnamed,coda HH bottom turned into a fast splash, 70/80 series zildjian avidas 22" ride, 40/50 series zildjian avidas 18" crash/ride and a undated I'm guessing 80s series CB percussion HH set **
Where do you practice: home and church*
Are you in a band: yes 3 , a church band "at the cross worship band ", Texas blues band "Shawn Guzman and Texas soul" , and a singer songwriter band "Sean Christenson" *
Do you play covers or originals: both
What style of music: Everything!*
Favourite take out food: pizza
What country do you live in: USA
One really odd fact about yourself: I am a blacksmith, and a primitive archer ;)*
How did you start drumming: one day after church band practice one of the band members had a different band come in to practice and asked me to run sound I sed yes, after I eq'd them we waited for the drummer to show up after a long wait I offered to try to make some beats for them with the house Roland TD10 kit after an hour practice I was hooked I learned 3 songs in two days for the mini set they were doing that fri for a fundraiser Iv always been around music and have played guitar since I was 15 I guess it came easy to me it's now my favorite instrument I love drumming*
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