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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Henri, could you explain this, please?

Hehehe... Hi Abe

It's a tongue in cheek comment... if Spes gonna travel through Switzerland by train, he's going to go through a lot of tunnels, although some are quite long, most of them are short enough and only takes minutes to go through, there's not a lot of flat ground in the country, haha... there's the Alps, the pre-Alps and the Jura, these mountains are covering almost two third of the surface of the country, tunnels are a must to go from A to B, but you'll still enjoy the scenery, I would suggest to visit Switzerland by car, this way you drive up and down these mountains through a pass, at the top, the view of the scenery is a breathtaking experience on a clear day. :)

Incidentally, I was a railway engineer in Switzreland, and I worked in many tunnels for maintenance and renovation.
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