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Default Re: Anyone Have Any Experience With Living/Working Overseas?

Originally Posted by Chunkaway View Post
Really, I'm wondering about the pros and cons of the experience. We have a young daughter, so that factors into the equation as well.
Given that everyone's experiences would be different, mine has been great. Sure, there are things to get used to, as there will be anywhere outside of the country that you moved. For me, things like getting used to stores being closed on Sundays, or figuring out that there isn't usually any form of an Emergency Room triage center in hospitals like there are in the U.S.. Things like that.
Other experiences I've had: many people speak English, as they usually had it in school [w/exceptions], although the government is strictly Deutsch speaking [as is their paperwork]. Be wary of any foods attempting to be "your area" -style. They'll always let you down.
Be prepared, depending on where you're moving, to miss your favorite foods. I've tasted things claiming to be Mexican that Anthony Bourdain wouldn't even eat. If you're into sports, prepare to miss that too. Sure, there's the internet, but it's the distance. There are, however, sports here that are interesting.
With your daughter, if you're moving to a city that's large enough that has a good percent of regular english speakers in it [Berlin, Munich, Cologne], the transition might be a little easier for her. The hardest part for her might be missing her friends back home, if that's the case.

This only applies to my experiences in Germany. I'm sure others have had others. And because every place is so different, requirements and the like are. And so are the tradeoffs.
If you're doing it to have a life-changing experience and try to live in a place you've always dreamed of, well, those are two great reasons to do it. I wish you luck!
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