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Default Re: Decompression technique

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Bo, have you tried using the line input on your desk & engaging the pad button/switch? That normally buys you -10db compared to the mic inputs if the instrument signal's hot.
I tried that, but all to no avail. The thing is, I'm supposed to be able to plug headphones directly into it too for silent practicing and it shouldn't distort, but this uke is not having any of that. The store is going to get back to me Tuesday so we can discuss what to do (they were on vacation). I have a feeling a return is in order, since the owner of the shop admitted that this happens from time-to-time. For the money I spent, I could've gotten a nice acoustic tenor uke and had a really good piezo pickup installed. I wouldn't be able to practice silently, but that's ok. This is kind of a drag.
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