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Boxcar Racer, track #6 "And I", The Unofficial Stu_Strib Review


Intro beat...maybe it is cool to you but I've heard it a million times. It is a bit cliche. Although I am wondering what kind of stick he uses for the ghost notes. Sounds cool that way.


After the intro beat we get a very typical busy Travis groove. I like the rolls into the snare on 2 (or 3 if you are counting half-time), but I really dislike the offbeat tom hit and the hi hat gliss. This is another groove killer. He uses a very common Travis phrasing pattern. Although it is a groove killer, I conceede, it does sound cool. This is the problem, again though. Cool beat, wrong place.

The bridge? (or I guess it is the first hint of the chorus) (first time of "I want her/need her/with you/always will pull me through?") is ok? It seems a bit disconnected from the rest of the song, but that is the song's fault, not Travis'.


I like when he goes into double time with the signature tom ruffs (the guitar breakdown part). Playing double time through the choruses is perfect. I would have gone to full double time there too.

So there you go. Not bad at all, but I really dislike the verse groove, and it is a fairly typical Travis groove.

As for the opening groove, I think I've just been playing so long I don't really find it too interesting, and definitely not difficult or ground breaking. It does 'sound' good though, from an audio quality stand point.

Any others?

By the way, the students in HS Art that I substitute taught for played Blink every day (yes, I'm a cool teacher, we play music while working). I don't think I ever heard the early stuff with the other drummer. I like Blink a lot, even the whiny singer guy, but man, that old stuff was awful.
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