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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

Im thrilled to see what you guys are into, I get a real sense of pleasure when people discuss what they are passionate about. It reveals such a beautiful side of humanity.

Anyway, when I was a bit younger (read: at college), besides music I was into philosophy, science, reading, atheism and art. I jokingly call it my 'intellectual period'.

Nowadays, its 99% music. I love being both passive (listening to music, buying vinyl and CD's, writing reviews, etc) and active (writing, recording, performing, arranging, teaching) with music. Music is my bread and butter, and its in my life every day which I am endlessly thankful for.

Appart from music, the only thing I could do for hours on end is billiard games, such as pool (UK and US) and snooker. I got a custom snooker cue made for me last christmas and I have played with it at least once a week since.
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