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I can only imagine the horror of a degenerative condition. A few months ago I lost a very close relative quite suddenly. It was (and is) very difficult to come to terms with, having been present at the time of his passing but it was a painless and peaceful passing.

It greatly upsets me, therefore, when I see abhorrent suffering like this. It is cruel and it is inhumane. Many have commented that if this suffering were allowed to occur to an animal, then the owner may be considered inhumane. I find it all very distressing.

In slightly (although still dark) brighter news, Ian Brady has allegedly confessed to where the body of Keith Bennett lies and woman has been arrested in connection. For those of you who are not initiated, Ian Brady is a British serial killer that murdered (along with Myra Hindley) several children in the early 1960s. Keith Bennett's body is the last one to be located and it has taken nearly fifty years for it to be revealed. I feel a great sense of relief for the family in this difficult time.
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