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Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Come to NH, Unless your a liberal : ) We have electricity and we don't have a sales tax.. Democrats hate it though.
Oh well, I'd hate it. The irony is that circumstances largely beyond my control have moved me into an ultra right wing suburb after a dozen years living in one of Sydney's most boho suburbs :)

This area feels a bit constrictive to me, so pristine that it feels like going to someone's house that's immaculate and you're almost afraid to sit on anything. I miss the grime and easygoing live-and-let-live vibe of my old lefty area, so I go there for coffee once a week (where the only issue is avoiding the weird old Slavic guy who goes to my favourite cafe and keeps trying to crack on to me. Must be frickin blind haha).

On the plus side, the more spacious living in Snobsville means I can now play my acoustic kit at home. Swings and roundabouts ...
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