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Default Re: Decompression technique

I think you should persist with this uke. It looks great. High output is a bit of a problem but any other instrument with a piezo pickup is probably going to have an active system - including any Baby Taylor. It might be worth trading it for a purely acoustic uke and just using a microphone.

Maybe you should just go all the way and take up the violin!

EDIT: Baby Taylors have no electronics. You probably already knew that. I'm not sure how big the sound hole is but if it's smaller than average it'll be a pain to fit an aftermarket pickup. If you're looking at guitars then I would buy an acoustic and an LR Baggs M1 Active pickup. Honestly, it's the best pickup I've ever had the pleasure of using and I've owned one for about five years now. It's a hybrid magnetic/piezo and it sounds great.

If you're looking at 'small' guitars then a Guild F20 or M20 might be worth considering.
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