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Default Re: Lars Ulrich and my valuable lesson in life

Originally Posted by Netz Ausg View Post
S&M is a fantastic example - I'd probably point it out as Lars being at the top of his game. I'm a huge fan, and have played along to more Metallica tunes than most people have spoken words - but even I must admit his playing has declined in recent years.

At the last 2 gigs of theirs I saw he was awesome, dynamic, driving - however when I watch videos of him that the band upload through their website/youtube I can't help but grimace a little occassionally.

But that being said, he's one of the 2 guys who wrote the vast majority of those awesome songs that I, and millions more, love. So what if he's getting old and out of practice! Still love the guy!
I'd have to agree:
St Anger tour- absolute shocker
Death Magnetic tour- much improved but still with the obligatory mistakes here and there
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