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Default Re: Decompression technique

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
If taking the battery out means the output is too low then you'll need to run the uke through an external preamp. You obviously wouldn't have any issues with doing that (and the DI that it would probably need too!). I edited the original post to suggest lowering the pickup which would be my number one solution before taking the battery out.

This is why I hate active bloody instruments! The only active system I've ever liked is my LR Baggs M1 Active that's in my acoustic. No fuss whatsoever.
I had considered the Baby Taylor guitar - I think that's what my problem is, I want to play a stringed instrument, but a regular acoustic guitar is big and bulky, and an electric is too heavy - it's always such an event for me to just pick them up to play them. With the uke I can be sitting any where and just pick it up and play it. I hope it's being an active instrument isn't creating a bigger headache...

Maybe I should try a good acoustic uke with a Fishman pickup installed....
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