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Default Decompression technique

OK, so since I've been playing so much drums lately, my official decompression technique has been to re-connect with my Hawaiian roots and I've actually been enjoying learning how to play the ukulele lately. Everytime I pick up a guitar, the sheer size of it is kind of a turn off so I've been neglecting the guitars, but the uke has been working out for me.

However - and this is where my fellow Drummerworld Guitarists can help me out - I just got a brand new Eleuke tenor jazz style ukulele, which is a solid body, with a piezo pickup, but I've noticed when I listen through the headphone jack on the uke, or have it plugged into my combo amp (a Vox Mini3) and even my PA (Mackie 1604VLZ into a Crown amp and Peavey speakers, with the volume knob tuned way down, the signal wants to overdrive a bit. I'm wondering if its the electronics or if I'm doing something wrong? The uke is powered by an on-board 9V battery so I'm wondering if there's too much power in the battery? As a sound guy I'm a little flummoxed and have put in an email to the store I bought it from. I want a nice clean uke sound when I plug it in, but it wants to distort rather easily, which would be good if hat's what I wanted all the time.

Any one have any thoughts? Picture below of my new axe....
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