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Default Re: Difficulty with coworker / new job

Yeah, talking about religion and politics are usually just a waste of time. Most people already believe what they believe. If they share the same belief as you .... well, then it's a friendly talk basically re-affirming each others stance. Polar opposites never usually work out so well. It takes a certain personality to debate and counterpoint, and remain civil.
Seems like you've moved conversation, already, to much better space. And like PFOG stated .... you're right to "not accept" his BS is equal to his rights. So he needs to cut that crap out. His "freedom of speech" is not being infringed because you don't wanna hear his rants. If he really wants to "help" his cause(s), he might wanna volunteer to work for his party. Actions speak louder than words. Or,suggest he start his own blog if he really feels the need to spread his message (if he lacks the "physical" ambition to work for a party). For free, or for $5 bucks a month, he can rant away on the internet. Be his own private FOX network.
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