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Default Re: Your preferred music genres?

Prog Rock. Mainly Yes.

And some of the bands in the 'Madchester' movement of the the Smiths and Morrissey probably still remains my favourite musician despite his fucked up viewpoints on stuff.

Also really enjoy most 60/70s bands, The Tremeloes, Searchers, Hollies, Manfred Mann, Byrds, Animals, Kinks, Who, Mamas & Papas, etc etc.

But the band I play in is probably what I'd term 'melodic punk' though it's been said that it's hard to bracket it.

I'll listen to most stuff other than modern manufactured boy and girl bands who I hate with a passion.

Never considered myself to be remotely interested in Blues or Jazz but I was round at a mates a while back and he had a Blues oriented digital radio station on and I really enjoyed most of the music I heard.
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