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Default Re: Getting in a band with older musicians

When I was younger (20 years back...ish) I was heard drumming up in my bedroom where I lived by a geezer twice my age who knocked on the door and asked if I fancied going 'jamming' with him and his pals.

Turns out these pals were three fellers and a lass who were a Shadows tribute band.

If i'd known that beforehand there would have been no way I would have turned up (The Shadows !!!!! Jeeeeezus)....

But I played in that band for about a year until college got to demanding and really enjoyed it. Just jamming..I was already in another band....these guys never intended was just a Sunday afternoon hobby for them which fit basically into my schedule.

It opened my mind, brought maturity to my attitude (they were very professional), and introduced me to a genre of music which I really grew to love.

Don't regret a second of it (other then that first moment when they turned to me, having just set my kit up, and said "right...apache then".....hahaha
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