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Default Re: Getting in a band with older musicians

My career started with playing with the earlier generation, and I don't think your situation is that different. Usually, if you're in your pre-20s, I don't notice a difference in people until they get past their 30s. So you guys might have all the same life experiences anyway ;)

It might not even be physical age, either. If the guys in their 20s have kids, and the guy in his 30s doesn't, he might still be the partier while the younger ones get home to be with the family. That's when you start seeing differences in life opinions and such. However, that said, if the music is good, and you guys are all cool with each other, there shouldn't be a big problem.

Alot of young people I know don't realize that the time spent on the bandstand with the guys is actually very short when compared with traveling together or hanging out. One thing I tend to do is go easy on the hanging out part and try to be as professional as possible. If there's a rehearsal, then I'm there. If they want to have a social party, I might not be there until we've had alot of gigs done (could take months). I just like to conduct business and make sure that part is taken care of. If the band is a business to make money, then I make sure that's happening before I start letting my nose get into somebody else's business - otherwise, there's no point.
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