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Default Re: Difficulty with coworker / new job

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Oh man, I sympathize with you, yes it's a tough one to deal with without upsetting him (or you for that matter), I'm afraid I have no solutions to your ongoing problem here, but all I can suggest is to be inspired by different topics and lead the conversation and discussion between you and him, it sounds too easy to resolve your problem, but I reckon it's worth a try, if you can keep him interested on subjects you decide to talk about, it might work. In any case, good luck and I hope you'll find a solution.
Absolutely. That's the route I went today and it worked well. I'm a very soft spoken, introverted individual, but also very passionate. So basically I explode when I've hit my breaking point with no warning. Lol, a recipe for disaster. But thanks dude, your advice means a great deal.

Originally Posted by JBoom View Post
I assume you're talking about political conversation. Some people become so committed to their political views that they simply can't talk about anything else and tend to forget they are talking to fellow humans, not potential political allies/foes. Especially in a Presidential election year!

Anyway, I'd go two routes. First, tell him directly you do not wish to discuss or hear about such issues (assuming that you don't), and secondly if there is a way to ask to be paired up with someone else, ask for that. I don't think, unless he refuses to respect your wishes, that there is any need to turn it into a disciplinary issue. However, if you can't be paired with someone else and he won't stop in spite of being told you're not interested, than you may have no choice.
Absolutely, I agree completely. We share the same great interest in sports do there is no reason to dwell and argue. I found out today I'm with him permanently so I'm going to tread carefully. It's a great job, so anything that could compromise my image or paycheck needs to be approached cautiously.
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