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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by muso7 View Post
Hey Johngraham

That is an AWESOME kit.
I SO wish I had never sold my old Premier kit - 1969 "101" outfit in silver sparkle with a 2000 snare. Anyhow, as per my post a couple below this, I have just taken my "new" 90's Genista for it's maiden beating - WOW - had forgotten how great Premier was - I ended up overplaying at the gig just to keep hearing the toms!!! And now I am about to get the matching snare thanks to "dancincrow" forum member.

Yeah and no wonder - his customer service is outstanding.


Pete :-)
Cheers Pete that's nice of you. Sounds like rolling thunder as well with a satisfying heavy solidity in the whole set up. the 101 was a beautiful kit as well. I had a black/Oyster reso in the 80's and deeply regret ever selling it - fortunately I hung onto the 2000 snare. Genistas a tasty set up and yer man dancincrow seems to be the go to guy for Premier in the USA. All the best mate
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