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Default Re: Difficulty with coworker / new job

Originally Posted by OrangeAgent27 View Post
What's going on folks? So today I come to with a personal problem. Now I genuinely hope that this isn't in bad taste so I won't go into detail surrounding the issues themselves. However, I'm having difficulty with a coworker at a new job. We certify and inspect fire systems. It's pretty much the same thing I did while in the Navy and find it interesting and rewarding. However, the fellow I'm working with is unbearable. We drive all over the DC/MD/VA area and of course, we chat. Since day 1 this fellow has taken this opportunity to espouse his views on controversial issues. While I don't mind communicating with people to use to enlighten myself as to how others think and feel on this giant rock we are all riding on, I don't agree with his methodology. Rather than conversing, he pushes his views and belittles any converse thought. Yesterday hit fever pitch and finally I told him, "look, I have different views and am not comfortable going down this road with you. I like you, ( I don't) and do not want to strain this relationship." He ignored it an said , in regard to an issue, "I can't accept it and I can't be silent because silence is acceptance."

Now, I don't want to go to my boss just yet because I haven't said "stop. I don't want to do this." but I also don't want to go whining to him because I'm brand new. So my question I pose to you great minds is, what would you do?
I assume you're talking about political conversation. Some people become so committed to their political views that they simply can't talk about anything else and tend to forget they are talking to fellow humans, not potential political allies/foes. Especially in a Presidential election year!

Anyway, I'd go two routes. First, tell him directly you do not wish to discuss or hear about such issues (assuming that you don't), and secondly if there is a way to ask to be paired up with someone else, ask for that. I don't think, unless he refuses to respect your wishes, that there is any need to turn it into a disciplinary issue. However, if you can't be paired with someone else and he won't stop in spite of being told you're not interested, than you may have no choice.
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