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Default Difficulty with coworker / new job

What's going on folks? So today I come to with a personal problem. Now I genuinely hope that this isn't in bad taste so I won't go into detail surrounding the issues themselves. However, I'm having difficulty with a coworker at a new job. We certify and inspect fire systems. It's pretty much the same thing I did while in the Navy and find it interesting and rewarding. However, the fellow I'm working with is unbearable. We drive all over the DC/MD/VA area and of course, we chat. Since day 1 this fellow has taken this opportunity to espouse his views on controversial issues. While I don't mind communicating with people to use to enlighten myself as to how others think and feel on this giant rock we are all riding on, I don't agree with his methodology. Rather than conversing, he pushes his views and belittles any converse thought. Yesterday hit fever pitch and finally I told him, "look, I have different views and am not comfortable going down this road with you. I like you, ( I don't) and do not want to strain this relationship." He ignored it an said , in regard to an issue, "I can't accept it and I can't be silent because silence is acceptance."

Now, I don't want to go to my boss just yet because I haven't said "stop. I don't want to do this." but I also don't want to go whining to him because I'm brand new. So my question I pose to you great minds is, what would you do?
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