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Default Re: Olympic ceremony music!

Originally Posted by Nickropolis View Post
For serious? The world has lost hope.
That was nothing compared to the abhorrence that was Ed Sheeran singing Wish You Were Here during the closing ceremony.

Sport aside, the media coverage of The Olympics (in the UK) and the whole Britpop culture theme to both opening and closing ceremonies was a joke. It seems the BBC at every turn wanted to get the life story of every single medal winner (and loser) the second they crossed the finish line (or whatever) going so far as bringing up the fact that they had recently lost a parent or something in order to get a few tears on camera. Added to that some of the editorial decisions have been shockingly bad:

I persevered with the BBC even after they decided to show a short film about Nazi eugenics and slavery and how this relates to sprinters just before the men's 200m final.

I bit my tongue when the BBC recounted the hilarity of all the people who have suffered some kind of injury during The Olympic Games with a slapstick montage. Perhaps the least tasteful was seeing Britain's hockey captain Kate Walsh get her jaw broken in slow motion with comic sound effects and the theme tune from The Banana Splits Show playing in the background.

One could perhaps forgive the BBC calling the Caribbean Islands "flea bites on the flank of the USA"; or maybe even overlook the time they said that "South Koreans do well when they have a weapon in their hands"; but some of the acts that performed during that closing ceremony were unspeakably bad.
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