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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi, finally joined after many months of getting helpful DW threads in my google searches.

Real name: Jay
Age: 42
How long have you been playing?
Since 1988. Like Andy below I just started again after 10 years off, so I'm pretty much a beginner.
Your top drummers: If you like 80s punk/post-punk/britpop, and indie/noise/math rock from the 90s, you & I likely have the same top 50 list. Actually you're probably on the list.
Drumkit: Yamaha
Cymbal: Zildjian
Practice space: basement (pads), rehearsal spot in Pburgh
Are you in a band?: I play music with some dudes.
Covers or originals: Mostly originals, a couple of covers.
Style: Indie/math rock
Favorite take-out: all take-out foods are to be enjoyed
Country: USA
How did you start drumming: Some friends had a band. Their drummer was really bad and wanted to sing. I knew one drumbeat and played it; good enough!
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