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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by shadowlorde View Post
i'm starting to feel old .. i'm only 25 and already getting the "why can't music be as good as it used to be" complex of course .. there are many newer bands I listen to .. mostly through pandora radio searching for older bands that kick ass and getting similar bands ..

pop is bad ...but even worse .. I can't understand this dub-step stuff for anything

to me it sounds like.. twitchy bass frequencies speeding up and slowing down in some wah wah wah wom wom wom wah wah wah wom wom wom kinda morse code then high pitched "psycho" shrieks .. crappy sampled drum beat, and one sentence of lyrical content repeated over and over again in a strange way ..

side note .. my guitarist is not nearly as close minded .. that video is him tapping the melody to that "break your heart" song by taio cruz which is creative and pretty f'in nifty. there is hope for pop .. THEY JUST HAVE TO DROP THE SYNTHS AND BRING BACK REAL MOTHER-SMURFIN MUSICIANS WHO ARE AT AN ABOVE COMPETENT PLAYING LEVEL.
Ah but dub-step is all about syncopations on 16th 32nd and occasionally 64th notes. As a drummer i find it fascinating. try playing those beats( and thats all dub-step is made up of) that they make up with electronic sounds (the drum samples you speak of serve as something to syncopate against like the left hand in a ragtime piano piece) on an acoustic set and i think you'll find a new appreciation for this genre. Synths are an instrument and require as skilled a musician to play them well as any other instrument in the pantheon.
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