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Default Random Thoughts

Have you ever had something on your mind that you wanted to post here, but you didn't want to start a whole new thread?

Here's where you can post that sort of thing, whatever's on your mind that you'd like to share. Something you saw today, something you realized today, photos of your kids, if your stove is broke, if you got a new car, if you've found a new hobby, if you fancy a girl, whatever in the world is on your mind, no matter how innocuous or silly it may seem to you, tell us about it. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the post above it, you don't have to respond to anything anyone writes here. This is about the random thoughts of the creative and groovy drummers here, thoughts that don't need to have anything to do with drums. Random thoughts.

I got the idea from the AAJ site, and I thought I'd try it out here.

I'll start.

Today, at the store, i noticed that the price of beef has gone up; anyway the New York strips were two or three dollars more today than they were last week, and I do love a steak.

I'm curious to see how long this can go on, but my guess is that it will disappear into obscurity in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Still, one has to try.

Here's a photo I took of my dog:

Call me J

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