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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by Longfuse View Post
Since the early days of Rock and Roll, Pop music has always been for kids. There have been brief blips in chart history when more 'mature' music entered the fray, but mostly it was always for the teen market. Probably why I stopped listening to the charts in the early 80s.

Weird thing is that music has become so disposable that a lot of teens aren't even that interested in it. My young nephews (much to my brother's disappointment) don't listen to much music: sport is more their thing. They take music for granted - something that's always there, available for free, why get in a lather about it?

I feel sorry for the Queen having to sit through stuff she thought was 'new-fangled' when all those 'sirs' were contemporary. No wonder she looked at her watch during the Olympics opening ceremony...should have played her some Glenn Miller...or Iron Maiden (I always get the two confused).
More accurately: Since the early days of Minstrelsy pop music has been always been for kids etc.etc. etc. Minstrel tunes being the first genuinely american pop music and all that. Dixie was a pop song written in NYC for a minstrel show. gotta love music history, it lets you put things in perspective.
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