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Default Re: Get yo Meinl out!

I already posted this kit in its own thread but I thought I'd put it up here also and mention the cymbals more.

14" Custom Shop Hi Hats - got these on ebay for virtually nothing. They are thick as hell but surprisingly responsive. They absolutely kill when I ride them fully open.

18" M-Series Fusion crash - Opens up immediately, very clean and clear tone. Despite its size its very good for catches.

22" Byzance Dark Spectrum Ride - the best cymbal I have ever owned. It does everything I want but of course it is dark. Not for metal or heavy rock etc.

18" Mb10 Medium Crash - This is just there for aggression. It has a surprising china like element to it. It projects well and has a good usable bell.

I often use a 20" Mb10 Medium ride at rehearsal simply so I can go harder if the need goes there without worrying. Its clear, it crashes and the bell is great. This cymbal really matches the others better than the Spectrum ride.
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