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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by jpipdw View Post
Citrustrip was the key element!!! I actually tried a few things (I won't mention them here because I still want to slap myself in the face for doing it) but finally got pro advice from my friend who is a drum builder and refinisher)

You apply the Citrustrip, and wait about 15 minutes or so - then the glue literally rubs off with a cloth or towel, it's incredible how easy it comes off. After that, I barely sanded with a fine fine fine grit paper.

Fortunately I was quite lucky - the wood that drum companies typically select as a wrap candidate does not look very well underneath the wrap, but the drums looked excellent.
jpipdw - I'd like to remove the finishply on one of my dw snares. I'd rather look at wood grain than plastic anyday :) I have a few questions though...did you start by taking a knife at the finishply seam and slowly pry up the seam then apply citrustrip to help remove the finishply - or was the finishply fairly easy to remove by hand?
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