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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I've been perusing this site for a few weeks now and just got round to registering, so just wanted to say hi!

Real name -- Andy
Age -- 34
How long have you been playing -- I was 16 the last time I played drums regularly, then a 20 year break spent engineering and producing electronic music. Picking up the sticks again now feels like starting from scratch
Origin of user name -- It rhymes with another nickname. I actually smell quite nice
Your top 5 drummers -- contemporary - KJ Sawka, all-time - purdie, stubblefield, the soul / rare groove drummers I guess. I couldn't name many pro drummers
Make of drumkit -- nothing right now, just the 'practice pad' i.e. textbooks wrapped in a towel. yes, its budget.
Make of cymbal? -- see above
Where do you practice? -- on any surface in my house, and my knee when on the bus which goes down well with my fellow commuters
Are you in a band? -- nope. need to improve vastly before that happens
Do you play covers or originals? i would play covers. I was air-drumming to the pixies just this morning
What style of music? would like to be able to play many many styles. I aspire to latin, funk, jazz in about 50 years time
Favourite take out food? -- Indian, Thai, Asian in general
What country do you live in? -- Kingston, London, UK
One really odd fact about yourself? -- um. i can never think of anything for these type of questions. I'm a bit odd in general
How did you start drumming? -- see above - i drummed on boxes as a kid and scored an old kit from a closing down nightclub. Getting back into it after being inspired by a few friends and countless youtube videos
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