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AMEN beatsmcgee, Travis cannot help his fame, and he is a good, creative and inspiring drummer (in my opinion) with or without it - it is just because he is famous that I have heard of him. I'm sure there are many other drummers out that could drum for blink adequatley (spelling?), or be much more technically impressive, but they don't have Travis's energetic and edgy feel (which I love and Stu hates).

And to the guy who said drummers should just keep the beat, that's just as lame as saying to a guitar player: 'you should just play chords' - an utterly counter-productive and cynical statement. Of course Travis 'deserves' to play a solo in a Blink concert, he is the best on his instrument out of the three (though I don't wish to knock Mark and Tom), and if girls (and boys) like it, surely that's the whole point!? There's a place for uber-complicated polyrhythmic drum solo's, but there's also a place for the crowd pleasers.
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