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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Abe, good to see you're in the land of the living!

I first learnt about melisma from a Steely Dan interview in the 70s; Walter talked about Donald not being "capable of the subtle art of melisma" (or words to that effect).

Originally Posted by MJD View Post
Well, to be fair almost everything is anaemic compared with Duke. And yeah Idol has pushed that trend to it's limits. But I went to school with some really good musicians and singers and i hope that we can break through and bring things back to a good level.
No doubt people from music school can provide the quality musicianship - but whether you can make money playing quality music or reach a broad audience ...

Yes, we don't have that school of hard knocks any more. Still, that can bring a different, more introspective flavour to music but the big sellers seem to be mostly in the teen market.


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