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Originally Posted by Dyaxe
@ finn

as for comparing thomas haake to portnoy...portnoy is way more technical then him. Ofcourse i have to admit haake definetly has some talent, portnoy seems to "do" more with his kit. ofcourse this is my oppinion though.
man lots of ridiculous stuff written here( dyaxe was just an example): portnoy`s technique is really NOT that good, his stick conrol looks really odd to me, like someone else already said in this thread, and it is not right that you can`t recognize habits in his playing like for example this well-known combinations between the hands and the feet.
Man if you really want to listen to crazy stuff, try listening to meshuggah , spastic inc. or necrophagist(the craziest I know) dream theater is really simple compared to them.
saying that portnoy is way more technical than haake is so ridiculous, portnoy could never play the stuff haake does, and haake would be to bored playing portnoy`s stuff. Such crazy time-signature rotating like in meshuggah I have really never heard before
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