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Default Re: Your preferred music genres?

90s rock (me and my dad used to jam as a kid) like everclear, sugar ray, pearl jam, pink ffloyd, dovetail joint, fuel, 311, alice in chains, semisonic, goo goo dolls, audioslave, incubus, chevelle, tool, bush, filter, hootie, cranberries, live, linkin park, matchbox, chili peppers, rage against, soundgarden, sevedust, STAIND, REM smashmouth, evanesance, dream theater, perfect circle, stone temple, smashing pumkins third eye blind, trapt vertical horizon, wallflowers, queens of stone age, creed, collective soul, counting crows, sublime, old greenday, P.O.D. system of a down, death cab, etc. the good days..

new hardcore/metalcore like underoath, as i lay dying, breaking ben, lamb of god, all that remains, stone sour, saosin, senses fail, architects, parkway drive, killswitch, flyleaf, etc.

rap beats are fun and easy to interpret on drums

i hate pop techno and most country, despite my dad oputting the cmt music channel on sat and sun mornings present day

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